What window treatment works well for a tall arched window ?

My client contacted me several weeks ago to finish off this large area of windows with custom window treatments. The client had a big problem with sunlight coming in from the windows at the top portion of the window just certain times of the day. She wanted something to cut off the direct sunlight only at those times when the sunlight glared into the livingroom. The other issue we had was that the window needed some softness to dismiss the hard lines that appeared with this window. My client already had roman shades installed on the lower half of the window for privacy.

Here is the design we created ! The top treatment is a “eyebrow” shaped cornice board that matched the shape of the window. On the two center divisions were jabots and along the outer returns were cascades. Because this cornice was 198″ wide it was made into three sections for easier installation. Installed underneath the cornice were stationary panels that were approx. 190″ long !

For the issue of sunlight a Hunter Douglas Designer Screen shade was installed the full width of all three windows. This is a photo showing the screen shade lowered on the top windows.
The client was very pleased to have the option to raise the shade when it was not needed. I love these shades, they are one of my favorites ! Visit the website !

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