Twenty Years of Business !

I am very happy to be celebrating my twenty year anniversary ! I remember my very first clients who trusted me to complete their custom window treatments. They continue to share the opportunity to work with them on recent projects. I cherish and appreciate those special relationships !

I have many successful client stories from the past twenty years. Each client has offered me the opportunity to work with them in different and unique ways. There has been many times of sharing family stories and laughter as the project comes to a completion.

Throughout the years there have been challenges and opportunities. There are many things that have to work behind the scenes to make sure things go smoothly and to minimize any issues for my clients. When I am allowed to creative a window treatment that serves my clients needs I see the happiest clients and most outstanding results.

Thank you to everyone who has been : a client, a vendor, a contractor , a installer, and a source of reference to my business. I appreciate all of you and I hope to continue to grow and to become even better than I am today !

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