The Stuff You Don’t Normally See

Showing you behind the scenes of Window Fashions is my story today! Because my business is

based in my home and I don’t have a store front some people have know idea what my business looks

like so, I decided to fill you in on a behind the scenes look of my business.


img_8421I have a large inventory of fabric sample books and

fabric hangers. There are some days I spend many hours

picking through sample img_1530ideas for an up

coming client whether it be for drapery

panels, top treatments, upholstery items or

throw pillows.


I have millions of options to choose from!


img_7491My sewing center has an old faithful Pfaff

sewing machine and serger that I’ve used for years! There’s a wide variety of

thread colors and other sewing projects that I would like to sew in my spare time

some time in the future.




I have a 5’X8′ work table that is

padded like a huge ironing board. My dad constructed this for me twenty five

years ago. I use it to roll out the fabrics that are on tubes to cut into the lengths

I need. It works great for hemming and constructing window treatments!


My desk area is where there’s  lots

of time designing ideas for window

treatments on my computer or

figuring up  estimates and final

invoices. Oh and of course I need

pictures of on my granddaughters displayed front and center on my desk 🙂

You probably have noticed I have a different paint colors on each wall of my office. Because I spend

so much time in this room the happy colors help me enjoy my space!


I have a back door in my office leading to the garage which is where the drop

off point is for all the freight I receive. sample-booksInside my suburban

AKA “office on wheels”  I have all of my blind sample

books in the back end. I’m a Hunter Douglas priority

dealer which means I have all the sample books available

for that brand. I also sell other brands of blinds and shades

depending on what your interested in!


When is comes to installations of blinds & shades the suburban is filled with boxes sometimes reaching from the front

windshield  to the back window! My tool box and small ladder help to complete the installations. Lately it’s getting more

common for me to grab my tall gorrilla ladder that reaches much higher to accommodate for those taller windows.


img_3292You may see my suburban (office on wheels) cruising around either

driving to my next appointment or going to install  window treatments.

My goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change that

you seek to have happen in your home! I’m extremely lucky to

have this office space in my home and a husband and family that

supports my business! I really enjoy my job and I’m so thankful!


Write in the comments below , let me know your thoughts

or ideas you have on this post and thank you for reading my blog!















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