TALL Grommet Panels

 This is a before picture of the project. The height was close to 20′ for the panels that needed to be installed. An extension ladder was used for the installation. This wall was really bare looking and needed some softness.

The pattern we used for the side panels was :
Greenhouse A3810 Twilight
Geometric prints are so popular now!
This was the solid woven fabric we used for
the center panels. Greenhouse A6411 Bark

On the extension ladder installing…. I was really relieved
when this installation was completed!

This is an after picture of the project. The panels were a grommet
panel threaded through a 2″ wood pole. We decided to go with the center
panels in a woven solid colored fabric and the outside panels were a
pattern to change it up a bit. The panels really made the room have a little
more cozy feel.

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