Personal Color Preferences Reveal Your True Inner Self

Read below how your favorite colors can transform a home to reflect the homeowners’ inner passion.

Lime Green boosts your ability to be self-investigative, logical, and inquisitive. It’s a nurturing green, infused with realistic yellow, and can increase your staina to question what’s missing in a situation or realtionship.

Green helps you feel more nurtured, and also helps you make others feel more comfortable. Like fertile soil, it creates a more nurturing,supportive world. Its natural balancing nature will encourage you to listen within yourself for what’s needed to make yourself and others feel comfortable.

Teal boosts your ability to be empathic,diplomatic, and supportive. This futuristic blue, infused with nurturing green, will inspire you to believe that you can create your desired future.

Blue helps you to become more of a visionary. Your planning and initiating skills will improve. Using this soothing color helps you pull your thoughts together. Its calming effect makes incidental agendas go away so that your dreams and objectives gain clarity.

Indigo helps you to be more enterprising. You’ll feel more self-confident in your ability to carry out your plans. Using indigo, a futuristic blue, infused with directive red, help you to create a well-planned future. This blue shade will also help you to turn your concerns into positive actions.

Purple boosts your drama and determination, and helps you feel empowered. Using purple, the spectrum’s darkest color, also encourages emotional depth. You’ll become stronger willed, more determined, and better able to develop new strategies.

Magenta increases your enthusiasm and optimism. This focused red, infused with stimulating purple, will inspire you to start something new. You’ll become less suspicious, and open to new adventures and opportunities.

Red helps you  to become more practical, direct, and resourceful. It directs physical change. You’ll gain the impetus and power to speak up and tell the world what you need.

Red-Orange increases your self-respect. This focused red, infused with the earth’s warmest color orange, will inspire you to use your newfound, improved self-respect to honor your individuality. It will encourage you to accept yourself, and also to appreciate those you love.

Orange makes you feel bolder. Using orange, the warmest color in our atmosphere, will help you learn to break down concerns into simple elements. You’ll gain the clarity you need to let go of unrealistic expectations, and eliminate dead-end situations. Change will become easier for you.

Gold awakens your passionate and playful side. This realistic yellow, infused with warm orange, gives you the power to rediscover what gives you pleasure. You’ll be able to prioritize what’s fun, and as a result, you’ll be open to exciting, playful adventures.

Yellow helps you to become more open-minded when you  are looking at your own life, as well as that of others. Using yellow, the lightest color in the spectrum, creates an open,more fluid mindset. You’ll be able to better see other peoples’ points of view, and be more diplomatic and less judgemental.

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