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Welcome! I'm Susie.

Window Fashions by Susie Ruhland is a full service window treatment design and fabrication studio - serving the midwest area with over thirty years experience, from designing, & fabricating to installing your window treatments.

My work is devoted to sharing ideas that will help you create a beautiful window treatment! I bring the fabrics, blinds, shades and shutter samples to you so that they can be viewed in the natural lighting of your home.

Custom window treatments can be the single most important element in pulling together your room.

Let me assist you in selecting a design or blind that adds style and beauty to your home or office. Call 712-786-3176 or click below to contact me today.

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Duette Honeycomb Shades, Easy View Arch

By Susie Ruhland | August 30, 2010

Just this afternoon I installed the Duette Honeycomb Easy View Arch shade at a local bank. The shades were installed in an office, lobby and conference area. This shade fits on a arched window opening. The banks assistant vice president had a window that was on the east side of the building. The sun streamed…

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An “Eyebrow Shaped” Cornice Board with Stationary Panels

By Susie Ruhland | August 24, 2010

My client was very pleased with the window treatment I completed this morning. When I first met the couple they didn’t have any window treatment on the windows other than some worn cellular shades with those tangling cords hanging down on each shade. Well, the problem was solved by going with Hunter Douglas Architella Cellular…

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Nantucket Transforms Light Inside And Out

By Susie Ruhland | August 17, 2010

Hunter Douglas Nantucket has soft 3″ fabric vanes that float between sheer facings to transform the light entering a room. Nantucket Sunscreen Privacy Shades will let you enjoy superior light control during the day and privacy at night. Available in three popular screen shade colors in the expanded  3″ vane size, Nantucket Sunscreen Privacy Shades…

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Where does your home loose the most energy ?

By Susie Ruhland | August 9, 2010

The red in this photo shows energy loss through your windows. Glass allows heat to enter a building and it stops it from exiting. Sunlight that passes through a window and is absorbed and converted to heat is trapped inside the building because the glass will not allow it to leave. So, glass not only…

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The Bordeaux Valance

By Susie Ruhland | August 2, 2010

The Bordeaux Valance from M’Fay Patterns has a simple flat scalloped section enhanced by only one shallow pleat to give it softness.  Seperate tail sections overlay the seams and the valance is finished off on each side with a jabot. The fabric used was Carole Fabrics , pattern-cafe, color- mustard. Lining was Carole Fabrics, pattern- manhatten,…

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Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers

By Susie Ruhland | July 27, 2010

Luminette Privacy Sheers instantly create drama in a room with the sheer, drapery-like covering and vertical design, especially suited for larger, rectangular windows. When fully open, enjoy a subdued view of the outdoors. When closed, the opaque fabric vanes provide a cozy sense of privacy. Direct sunlight can become a big problem for homeowners. It…

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Sunscreen for your Home

By Susie Ruhland | July 14, 2010

Window Fashions can protect and preserve your beautiful rooms! Now that high Summer is here,  the bright sunshine is particularly damaging to our furnishings and raising our air conditioning bills, it might be a good idea to take a servey of places in your home that need energy efficient Hunter Douglas Architella Cellular shades.    The…

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The Sophia Valance

By Susie Ruhland | July 6, 2010

A recent project that I completed was called the Sophia Valance. This soft valance consisted of a center section, two horns, and two side sections. The center section was altered to make it work for this width of a window. All pieces were sewn together to create one valance before attaching to a mount board. At…

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Claudine Valance

By Susie Ruhland | June 29, 2010

Recently I fabricated the “Claudine Valance” from Pate Meadows.  I used a great computer program to design the treatment first. The program is called Minutes Matter. I designed a rendering using the colors and style of the top treatment and added colors to the sketch. Below is the preliminary design. The final valance looked like…

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