October – Child Safety Month, Buy Cordless!

It’s here again, October is child safety month. I try to bring awareness to child safety this time of year. Every year children and pets suffer terrible injuries and even deaths related to cords and strings.
Being in the industry I have an eye on what is reported in the news, it is very hard to hear stories on children that have been hurt because of cords or strings hanging from shades. 
The best thing to do when having children or pets is to go cordless. Most shades can be ordered cordless if they are within the specifications on width and height. 
Hunter Douglas LiteRise cordless operating system is shown in the picture above. You simply use your fingers to raise or lower the product.
Motorization is also available in a wide variety of Hunter Douglas products. This system eliminates the lift cords and allows the product to be operated at the touch of a button. 
This Hunter Douglas product had a cordless lifting system with a spring-like clutch that features a decorative pull.
Take advantage of these options when deciding how to dress your windows. National Window Covering Safety Month is here to make you aware of deciding to have your home hazardous free and your child safe.

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