Hunter Douglas Country Woods and Chalet Woods wood blinds

Country Wood blinds from Hunter Douglas have a TopShield II finish that is the ultimate protection for your wood blind investment.
It provides resistance to :

  • Fading – Country Woods blinds withstood exposure to 1,500 hours in the Atlas weatherometer fade test, which is equivalent to eight to ten years of wear in the window.
  • Moisture – Country Woods blinds will not be damaged by environmental conditions such as coastal air or by condensation that forms on windows in winter months. (Please note : wood blinds should not be immersed in water or installed in a shower area.)
  • Scratches – Hard and durable, the TopShield II finish resists surface scratches.
  • Chemicals – When tested, our TopShield II finish was not damaged by Formula 409,Windex,Softscrub,acetone or paint thinner, making Country Woods blinds worry-free to clean.
The Top Shield II finish is the ultimate protection for your wood blind investment and is exclusive to Hunter Douglas Country Woods blinds

Country Woods collection offers more slat sizes, wood species, finishes,decorative tape and valance options, motorization, specialty shapes, and coordinating wood cornices from the Expose wood cornice program.

Country Woods premium wood blinds are the best in the marketplace. However, if you can’t afford this premium brand and you need another option, Chalet Woods brand come into play. With the Chalet Woods collection, you get quality hardwood blinds with affordable pricing, all backed by the industry’s strongest guarantee.

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