How Light Affects Color

Color as we perceive it is controlled by light and therefore, will always be affected by it. This can complicate colors you choose for your next window treatment because the fabrics you choose might cast off a different light in your room when storm clouds gather versus when the sun is shining bright.
Light changes each minute and hour of the day. Depending which way your room’s windows are facing can greatly affect how light transforms the color from your window treatments. For instance, if your room has a window facing south, then on sunny days you may find that those bright hues can add different colors to your fabrics and other room interiors. The opposite is true with windows facing other directions.
A Quick Guide to Window Exposure & Natural Light Quality :
  • East-facing windows warm yellowy sunlight before noon
  • West-facing windows warm orange-red sunlight after noon.
  • South-facing windows warm orange-yellow sunlight all day
  • North-facing windows , no direct sunlight, cool bluish light all day

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