Holiday Decorating Ideas

Six last – minute ideas to Deck the Halls !

  • Transform an ornament into a vase.  Take the top and hanger off a Christmas ball ornament, fill the ornament with water, put fresh flowers in the top opening.
  • Go green.  Use natural greenery and garlands….dress the house with fresh florals and garlands.
  • Wrap it up. Make ‘presents’ out of your throw pillows. Take a beautiful ribbon (or make your own wide ribbon from fabric) and wrap the pillow as you would tie a present with ribbon and create a beautiful bow top.
  • Add drama on a porch. Create “side panels” with strings of lights tied back on a porch entry. Improve on it by adding pine roping to the light strands or tulle to give it a softer look. Use bows for the tiebacks. Very simple, but very impactful.
  • Breathe new life into fabrics. Velvet and other winter fabrics such as velveteen, chenille and corduroy get crushed easily in storage. Restore their original beauty and avoid crushing the pile with a velvet ironing pad.
  • Repurpose a Christmas Card. Using a scanner or photocopy machine, enlarge beautiful Christmas cards – either new cards or favorites you’ve saved from previous seasons – and slip the new images into elegant readymade mattes and frames. It’s quick and easy and adds instant holiday style.

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  1. Sharon's Cottage Quilts on November 25, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Susie, these are GREAT ideas! Thanks so much! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!! I am trying to make you a "Favorite" but for some reason I cannot find the right link…Blessings~Sharon

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