Defining Your Window Needs

In order to start thinking about window treatments, consider the following questions :

1) What kind of window design am I looking for ?
The “type” of design you decide on ? Think about a hard look such as shutters vs. a more softer look with fabric shades or panels.

2) Am I looking for window treatments that will reinforce the period style of my room ?
Are your rooms more classical, traditional or modern settings with clean geometric lines ? Are the furnishings and upholstery bright and floral or textures with square lines and neutral ? Look at the other interior elements in the room to determine the best fit for the window treatment.

3) Would I prefer to brighten or subdue my room ? Does the room need dimmer light or brighter light during certain times of the day.

4) Do I prefer colorful patterns or solids ? Once you determine your window treatment needs in relation to the rest of your room, you’ll need to then consider the details of the treatment itself. What colors would you prefer on the window, and what type of fabric prints can you coordinate together if you prefer a layered window treatment effect ?                           

5) Am I looking for long-lasting fabrics that are easy to care for or do I prefer natural fabrics that have less shelf life? Fabric preference has a lot to do with how long you want the window treatment to hang in the window as well as how much you’re willing to spend on the fabrics and how you choose to maintain and care for them. 

6) What’s my budget ? Customized window treatments can be quite affordable, especially when taking into consideration fabric guarantees, washability and re-usability.

Today there are many window treatment options, they can be affordable and a wide variety of  beautiful solutions you can put on your windows.

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