Colors Defined

COLOR….It surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. It can expand your room space and make it warmer, cozier, cooler or more modern. It can inspire sleep or it can awaken the senses. Or, it can define you. If you’re deciding on the right window treatment color, I recommend that you begin with a favorite room in your home or the one you wish you could invigorate, take these ideas as you determine how your windows can be the start to something spectacular. I can help you by using the paint and furnishing colors that you already have in order to create a window that pulls it all together.

A color can be defined as “warm” or “cool” depending on where it falls within the color spectrum. Warm colors like orange, yellow and red exude sunlight hues and can make a room or window have a very warming effect. These kinds of warm colors also have a tight effect on your room space, and can be used to make objects or surfaces feel closer together. Cool colors including moonlight blues, whites, mauves and violets can be used to help expand your room and window space – and project light from a window into a room’s space.

Colors can naturally work well together on a window and within
your room decor. When considering fabric colors and options
for your next window treatment, consider paring fabric colors
with your paints,wallcoverings, carpets and accessories
for a truly complementary interior scheme.


Neutral colors on a window can really enhance your interiors and provide added comfort and warmth to a room. If you think neutral colors aren’t enough you could add trimmings that can really add the colors you like on a neutral window treatment.

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