The ABC’s of Window Fashions

Are your windows “naked” or in need of an update? Maybe you have been avoiding window treatments because you don’t know how to get started and are overwhelmed by all the choices. First things first, you have to know your ultimate goal. There are some features to consider when choosing the right treatments.

Are you looking for privacy? Most blinds and shades give you privacy. Horizontal and vertical blinds will allow you to adjust the sunlight and give you privacy at the same time.

Do you need light control? To completely block out the sun you can choose an opaque,or blackout shade.

Are you looking for energy efficient treatments to lower your energy bill? If your room gets extremely hot in the summer or drafty in the winter you may consider a honeycomb shade that offers a high R-value for good insulation.

Window treatments can also camouflage an unpleasant view or architecture flaws. If you have an unpleasant view, sheers will soften the image. Maybe you have uneven windows. Valances hung at the same level over the windows can hide that fact and make it more visually appealing.

You want your window treatments to be beautiful as well as functional. When choosing the right look for your room, think about the mood you want to create; casual, comfortable, elegant, sophisticated?

There are multiple ways to cover your windows and to achieve the effect you want and need.

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