50 Secrets for Success

The following article appeared many years ago in Harlan Miller’s “Over the Coffee” column in the Des Moines Register. Recently this article was posted in our local paper so I clipped it out and saved it. With the beginning of a new year it’s worth reading and you might want to pass it on to your children on graduation day ! I hope you enjoy it!    
It reads as follows :

  1. Keep a diary, to watch yourself mature.
  2. Remember, good posture excells expensive clothes.
  3. Treat your dad and mom as friends a little older.
  4. Save a little; with $1000.00 you’re freer.
  5. Read papers and magazines regularly; editorials and articles.
  6. Adopt a variety of indoor and outdoor hobbies.
  7. Tho it hurts, be polite to all ; even the rude.
  8. You’re the equal of any man or woman alive, under our system.
  9. Learn to play a musical instrument, if only a phonograph.
  10. Speak in a soft voice, with clear enuciation; then they listen.
  11. Nobody has mystical secrets for success hidden from you.
  12. Be polite when driving a car, when that Ugly Monster inside tries to dominate.
  13. Why drink liquor, unless a doctor orders ?
  14. Cigarette money pays your premium on an $8,000 insurance policy.
  15. Don’t fear an hour alone; a chance to think.
  16. Write down your own plans and rules.
  17. A good book weekly doubles your mental stature; skip a few pages if necessary.
  18. Begin to buy land young, or a town lot for your house.
  19. Study dictionary and encyclopedia; full of germs.
  20. There’s no organized opposition to your dreams and ambitions. Be orderly, and keep the damage down.
  21. Accept military service calmly, like measles and marriage.
  22. In the other sex; Loyalty, dilligence, humor and intelligence surpass good looks or cleverness.
  23. On your face keep a blithe, serene mask, and people will think you know the answers.
  24. Bring your friends home; be yourself.
  25. Adopt outdoor sports you can persue all your life.
  26. Act poised and confident, even if you’re uncertain inside.
  27. Write frequent letters to friends and family; it civilizes,sharpens
  28. Don’t be irked by brothers and sisters, you irk them too.
  29. Read history and biography to guide your actions wisely.
  30. Cherish your chores and duties; work’s blissful refuge.
  31. Be an expert on at least one lively topic, if only left handed admirals.
  32. Don’t deplore yourself; God put you here as you are, a link in His chain of life.
  33. Linger closer to nature; paint, watch things grow.
  34. Remember proudly who you are, never humble yourself to second rates.
  35. Live within your means, don’t envy the rich; a Cadillac is only a vehicle.
  36. Cultivate humor and enough indifference.
  37. You’ll be happier where you grew up than far away.
  38. Discuss your problems with your town’s biggies; they’ll help.
  39. Dodge the daily hysteria at each new fake “crisis” we’re perpetually under strain.
  40. Drop in on people : they enjoy it.
  41. Why act tough and cocky ? It’s a disguise of boys and girls empty and afraid.
  42. Don’t hesitate to like and love people, and show it.
  43. Whatever your private views on religion, go to church.
  44. If you’re willing to work, the sky’s your limit in any career.
  45. Remember, others too have problems and uncertainties.
  46. If you’re not sure what you want to do, try different jobs.
  47. Prowl often the book shelves of your nearest library.
  48. Don’t talk too much, but reveal your love.
  49. Confide your problems to a trusted confidante, as in a confessional; it eases your strain.
  50. Remember, courage is the supreme virtue !

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