3 Great Solutions so Mr. Sun doesn’t wake you before your ready!

Do you have an overly sunny bedroom in the morning that wakes you before you would like to be awoke? Sure, we all enjoy sunshiny days but really???? If you want that extra time for sleep wouldn’t it be nice to have a blackout shade? Or maybe you have an annoying street light or yard light that is keeping you from getting a good nights sleep? Here are some answers to solve your problem.
This option is a Hunter Douglas honeycomb shade using a blackout fabric. It’s also great that you can get this shade in what’s called a top-down/bottom-up system. Which basically means you can lower it from the top or raise it from the bottom. This is an awesome solution when using a blackout fabric, you can gain the morning light when you want it just by lowering it from the top and yet still having privacy on the lower half of the window. 
This is a Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shade using a blackout fabric. It too can be made into a top-down/bottom-up shade. The roman shade is a softer look but adds a clean crisp look to your bedroom. The Vignette is also available as a cordless shade so you have no cords for kids to grab.
This last option is my favorite ! This is a Hunter Douglas A Deux Silhouette. Check out this you tube video on how this shade will work for you!  Hunter Douglas A Deux Shade

I have a shade like this in my master bedroom and absolutely love it ! We have a window on the east side of our home so YES it does keep out the early morning sunshine. We also have a pesky yard light that shines through at night so the Hunter Douglas A Deux Silhouette was the right fit!

Hey if you enjoyed this blog post about gaining a good nights sleep, I think you’ll love learning more about these shades! I can take the guess work out of solving how to cover your window just give me a call at 712-786-3176 or email me at for a one-on-one consultation in your home. Which one of these options did you prefer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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